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Posted by on 26 November 2009  | 21 Comments

Found on a skip at Chichester Marina.

  • Love how you saw and captured the pattern and color here.

  • Unusual. I love it though.

  • ah.. such a gorgeous palette

  • Fantastic abstract. The colors explode on my monitor.

  • I like what seems to be a hand print in the middle of said ‘o’.

    • Now you mention it I see a fare few hand prints bottom left.

  • Strange how these things jump out at the trained eye. A seemingly luckluster and humdrum pipe perhaps or peeling paint….a touch of opst production et voil√°.. There you have it! Art! Congrats indeed. Well caught and ‘created’.

  • Bonsoir,
    A nice graphic shot.Beautiful textures..bravo!

  • Thanks all.

  • Love the colors and composition.

  • i like this a lot. blue rocks.

  • Wonderful the bold colors and blocky forms in this photo. Is blocky a word? Ah well, hopefully you get my drift. Now off to look up words in the dictionary.

  • Great colors and textures. This is a very nice photograph.

  • Love it!!

  • flickr

    truly amazing colors

  • flickr

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Pure Abstracts, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  • flickr

    Thank you!

  • flickr

    You’re really singin’ the blues now!

  • flickr

    Great Abstraction!

  • Like the colors and textures. The red incomplete circle adds an interesting focus point.

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