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On The Turn

  • Well seen and wonderfully composed…

  • yep, winter is coming :-(

  • Very beautiful photo, like these colours.

  • WOW!!!! not what I have come to expect from Deceptive, but still great. Amazing colors and detail in the yellow and green leaves.

  • Orange: I’m branching out:_)

  • Top notch, Andy. All three basic things of photography- color/texture/composition- came here together.

  • Lose 3 internet points for dad joke :D This is like an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture – excellent.

  • Cool, great light on these leaves! Makes them stand out. Well done.

  • oh yes this is wonderful, absolutely wonderful.. why didn’t i think of this?

  • Good catch and composition.

  • This is a very lovely picture. I like the forced perspective and palette.

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