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Posted: on 7 March 2004
Categories: FinePix S602 ZOOM | Photoblog
Tags: abstract | office block

Taken at Canary Wharf
Entered for the PhotofridayPerspective challenge.



  • Wow… this almost gives me vertigo just looking at it.

  • outstanding perspective, love the blue tones as well. hmm, i wonder how spiderman did it.

  • I would also love seeing it with some lights turned on and forming a heart (or some other shapes) :)

  • this is great! i wouldn’t be surpised if it earned you another noteworthy…

  • I think this is stunning – definitely one of the best entries for this theme.

  • ~!once again the repetition here is eye-catching, I also like the severe tilt in the presentation, it adds the extra “punch” to the frame that made it stick out and grab my eye~

  • you are in the matrix :-)