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Peveril Point I

Posted: on 31 March 2008
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6
Tags: coast | seascape | seaweed

Peveril Point, Swanage.



  • Handsome. I’ve found that Peveril can be a bit “scrappy” but I like the effect here.

  • WOW MAN this one Is just A MASTER!!!

  • Great photo, like the colours and the atmosphere.

  • That’s come out really good, just the right effect on the sea.

  • great shot. shows your versatility. really nice but think there is a lil too much photoshop blur but it might be the resolution of this screen

  • cy: thanks, it’s not photoshop blur, it’s the effect of a long exposure (30 seconds) on the sea, it was rough so around the rocks it looks more pronounced.

  • I like the toning, coupled with the effect on the sea gives it a very otherworldly feeling – very good.

  • awesome!!! love this work.

  • The long exposure work so well here. Great post processing too.

  • Beautiful !!