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Portland Bill Lighthouse

Posted: on 17 November 2009
Categories: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: blue | coast | light house | red

Lack of updates here due to taking on the enormous task of moving Deceptive Media to WordPress, something I’ve wanted to do for sometime now. The hardest bit was mapping the database and rewriting all the urls (most).

With a lot of help from my brother (Digital Express) the task is now almost complete. Bear with me while I iron out the bugs and work on the the look. I’ll be posting an article in the news section soon with more info.

Portland Bill Lighthouse at Trinity House.



  • I think this outstanding image makes it easy to wait for your work to finish. Amazing simplicity and colors here.

  • Fantastic job. I love the new look. Congratulations.

  • Handsome abstract of the mighty Portland Bill lighthouse. I like the redesign.

  • congrats on the move and the new home

  • milou, bterzra, thank you :)

  • Get a s ort of partiotic feeling on this one. Nice! The angle adds to the flavour. Congrats o the site…

  • Nice play of colors.