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Red Brick Reflections

  • Superb!

  • blad in water ..pzdr

  • Nicely done – there’s a very ‘electric’ feel to these reflections.

  • it always a pleasure for me to come back to your beautiful site!
    i can hear patterns of music in this one. so nice!

  • ~stellar abstract; I must say, and I mean this with no disrespect to you and your style/subject matter, I was never one for images of “just objects”, random still life images of “stuff”, until I started viewing your images. You have allowed a gateway for me to understand, interpret and appreciate the content you shoot most often, subject matter I was never really taken by or interested in, I wanted to thank you for all the interesting forms, colors, and presentations that have impacted my viewpoint and appreciation for your style of seemingly have a certain prose in your compositions and presentations, the color and content are edited w/ near perfection, you should really start considering a show of your own at a local gallery IMHO, if you have not done so already.~

  • Just love it……