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Red Brick Seam

Posted: on 15 January 2006
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: abstract | brick | grass | green | red



  • Great abstract. And I just love the Deceptive Media classically saturated colors.

  • It’s like an archeological cross section. And the pigeons don’t appear until after a while. Great shot.

  • nice textures and colours, and the way the pigens makes the texture alive

  • Amazing! I can’t understand the perspective: why the green grass at the top?

  • Hehe, this was really cool! Can’t figure it out but hey, it’s looks good!

  • i love the saturation and symmetry

  • Hi Andy Love the site and in particular this shot.

  • This shot is well dodgy. And what’s with the pidgeon in the centre…? Quite funny.

  • Wonderful layers of color and texture. Another great abstraction This must look great BIG.

  • Fantastic layering of colors and textures, and just wouldn’t be the same without the birds. The one pigeon seems to be the outcast!

  • love the colors and all teh textures in this shot it is quite comfusing when the grass is on thop:)

  • Great work it is very nice