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Red Fishing Boat

Red Fishing Boat

Posted by on 25 March 2007  | 21 Comments

Taken on my recent trip out with David from milouvision, who has a similar abstraction of a fishing boat.

  • Another great and striking abstract! You make so much art out of the ordinary!

  • remind me Tapies… good composition

  • ooh i like this. Bold, abstract, colourful!

  • Wow! Amazing. Reminds me of ROTHKO!!

  • Excellent. Abstract, colorful and well framed.

  • beautiful graphic

  • Love it! Red, white and black are a wonderful combination. Good composition, too.

  • nice shot, you could print this one on a poster and put it in the living room ! Like it !

  • Really striking textures within the bold colours and shapes. You have a very observant eye :)

  • Nice work. The red is over-whelming (but in a good way).

  • Yes, it definitely reminds me of Rothko.

  • My favourite color is banned in this photo and although there is simplicity it’s also really great. Nice composition. Your photos are fully my taste

  • Très belle photo. J’adore.

  • Nice work it works very well.

  • Nice composition and colours.

  • Outstanding….

  • Simple but effective. Love it.