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Red Hot Air Balloon Abstract

Posted: on 15 August 2006
Categories: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Portfolio
Tags: abstract | hot air balloon | red



  • Excellent. Bright red. I like it.

  • Beautiful composition and shapes.

  • Nicely seen, nicely composed!

  • I love the way I know it’s a baloon but my brain is trying to turn it into an umbrella…..nice one. Phil

  • Awsome colors and lines. nicely done

  • Fab composition and capture. And the light…

  • Your images are so diverse! It’s always a treat to load up the next one as they’re always so different from the one preceding it. Great range of tones in the red on this. Very tactile.

  • Awesome lines!

  • Love the composition and color.

  • superb color… The air balloon looking so mysterious…