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  • Very cool shot. Loove the colors here.

  • Lovely colors.
    Despite the grain (that someone could not appreciate in a wildlife shot) I like it a lot, I think it’s something that gives strength to the picture.
    Great work!!

  • Perfect light & colors!

  • Very pretty shot.

  • Excellent shot. Love the details.

  • Hey Andy—I emailed you a little while ago about a documentary project. Could you email me at jarrard.cole(at) if you didn’t receive that message? Thanks.

    Also, the colors are fantastic in this image.

  • 5D’s do high ISO pretty well…
    Great composition as always.
    A little grainy for me (given the subject), but a very cool shot.
    DOF is razor thin at 400mm.

  • that 100-400 remains one of my fave lenses to shoot with…FANTASTIC result here w/ yours, that color and texture is amazing

  • Lovely photo. good colors and focus.

  • Amazing details. 5000 ISO WOW!!!

  • Great focus and colours!

  • Incredible shot.

  • This picture is magnificent. For starters, the subject itself is beautiful. A lucky shot? possibly. The lizard’s face is the focus, and it’s absolutely breath taking. I like macro-photography, and I think this could classify as macro. I am indeed, in love <3

  • Great shot & a wonderful collection in your blog, congratulations!

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    Great composition and colour plus it’s pin sharp. The noise and grain aesthetic of the high ISO setting actually adds a nice style to this, possibly echoing the mosaic style scales of the chameleon.

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    very nice! Please appreciate my work!

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    Excellent shot! Voted.

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    Beauty shot … like

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    Amazing portrait!
    Love it!

    Reptile on flickr

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    Reptile on 500px

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