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Roof Structure

Posted: on 8 April 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Lensbaby | Photoblog | Portfolio
Tags: abstract | roof



  • I am truly deceived – no idea what this is
    I loved yesterday’s shot, the calm on the stairs with two people attending to their business

  • Yet another beauty! Nice abstract–I love the colors and the gentle blurred effect…

  • roof ??
    i love the colors, great p’shop work

  • That’s a wonderful abstract! I like the overexposed feel of the top right corner.

  • Nice one andy!

  • Wow! Very nice effect :) I like it.

  • I reckon it’s a roof, as well. I love the colours! I want a Lensbaby TODAY! :)

  • Yes, I love this. The appeal of extreme contrasts are what first drew me to pick up a camera. One of those curvy glass rooves, like at Waterloo station maybe?

  • very nice. excellent and unique use of the lensbaby, i haven’t seen anyone utilize it in a tight, abstract way. lve the movement and hints of color.

  • i really have no idea what it is ….. bands on a wrist watch ?

  • I like your abstraction; very good composition and color distribution. This shot lives out of the graphical pattern and the extreme chiaroscuro.
    Your lensbaby experiments brought your more and more to abstraction: go on!