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Scraper Patterns

Posted: on 23 January 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Sigma 28-200mm
Tags: blue | office block | urban



  • Awesome composition. Love the sky. The monochromatic treatment works really well with the subject. A wonderful geometric abstraction. Try looking at it upside-down.

  • Awesome collection of geometric shapes here. And the blue tone is wonderful.

  • I really love the deep blues and dark feel of this shot.

  • More nice work.

  • Fantastic sho! I’m am really impressed that you have managed to get four quite different diagonal lines leading perfectly into the each corner of the shot. It really creates a strong visual effect.

  • It’s a ‘how does he do that?’ type shot, the perfect composition, the weird sky, the toning, great work!

  • Great colors !
    I like the angle shot and the different building !
    It’s very designed shot


  • Incredible. The light is amazing, and the sky just kills!

  • excellent excellent…did i mention excellent? yeah, you’re nailing these cityscape images. great line movement, smart use of dark and light spaces, and another disorienting, canted perspective. excellent.

  • feels cold and urban. good work.

  • Simply gorgeous

  • A truly amazing composition, and a geometric delight for the eyes.

  • I like this type of composition.Beautiful tones. Only issue is the sky which seems to be a little mottled/blotchy. I wonder if this is a result of the post processing?

  • There’s a real feeling of ‘future decay’ with this shot. The tones and the viewpoint really add to the mood.

  • wow, amazing color, and I love all the lines, patterns, and shapes of different sizes. great photo!

  • I love the texture of the sky (in addition to the lines, that is), it gives a nice feel to the picture. Nice shot!

  • I agree with all the previous comments: wonderful photo. Great composition and incredible blue colours! Great!!!!

  • Building shots are usualy fairly boring, but you’ve made an exception! Great composition.

  • flickr

    beautiful architecture shot. Like the perspective.

  • flickr

    great angle !

  • flickr

    Great urban shot. The angle and colour are excellent.

  • flickr

    Couldnt be better

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