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Sea Cone

Posted: on 16 March 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: coast | cone | seascape

Companion shot to Serial Photographer’s Last Cone Standing.



  • wow. truly sublime. never thought i’d say that about a traffic cone. ;-)

  • Insert joke about Coney Island here. or maybe not. The depth of field is very effective. I like the haziness of the sea.

  • I like the colors and dof.

  • Ah, the old cone on the beach shot. Like the way the cone seems to be contemplating the sunset… or perhaps sunrise?

  • Simon C – thanks, it was sunset, actually the very last moments of sunset… it was practically dark. I haven’t seen a lot of cone on the beach shots bar Serial Photographer’s so I didn’t realise I was being clich√©.

  • sort of abstract. nice.

  • Tena koe ehoa
    “Lost-conus-erectus”, the once thought extinct spieces of conical amphibian was rediscovered on the shoreline of an English coastline today. The origins of this particular exmaple still remain a mystery but scientists, goeologists and biologists have not ruled out alien intervention! 8)
    Excellent DOF Andy!

  • Deceptive – sorry, I was being a little playful. The ‘Cone on the Beach’ is not a cliche as yet, but I suspect it’s a sub genre that’s due for over exploitation!

  • Nice looking image. Loved this subject very much.

  • flickr

    Lovley colours and tone nice quirky shot

  • flickr

    another simple and gorgeous shot. love.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • flickr

    Very nice! I like simple objects as this.

  • flickr

    Beautiful colors!

  • flickr

    This one’s great, it’s in the office and it really alleviates stress. Great feeling of solitude!

  • flickr

    peace and solitude – i love it

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