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Posted: on 11 April 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: abstract | andy bell | orange



  • O_O

    Very good colors and textures, and composition, an contrasts, and details, and, and…

    Lovely your style man!

  • Very cool .. I love the colours.

  • Very striking. The colours are fantastic and that little sign really sets it off.

  • Very nice colours and compositon !

  • Amazing color here….. Great self portrait!!!!!!!!

  • Mental. I’m so jealous.

  • Wow – this is stunning. Love it.

  • Fab stuff! Not sure at all what I’m looking at but I like it!

  • this is a stunner, unique

  • I thought Jamey would like this! Warptastic – it’s like being in the core of a soundwave.

  • FREAKY!!! Love it.

  • cool :) love the plate with the text “SELF” in the corner :) nice detail

  • So strange. Nice colors!

  • really interesting. love the double exposure….is there a hidden meaning behind the cameraman being staked through the heart? lol. nice job with the details being in focus and being there and not at same time. i am not real sure about the color though.

  • Simply outstanding…

  • Like this effect… so cool! Very creative.

  • Wow. Very cool image. Go on then, how did you do it? ;o)

  • Very cool shot, have you overlayed a few images or? Corker :)

  • cy, Jonathan – no double exposure here. As it was taken with some curve adjustments. It was some sort of plastic see through submarine at the submarine museum in Gosport.

  • Tena koe ehoa
    Freakin’ awesome Andy! I especially like the lateral contrast and the effect that quality adds to the image. The strong vertical nature of this building site the basis on which to expose resonating curvature and mindful expansion is a great creative thought process.

  • espectacular foto! how u did that? explain me please…

  • Cool !!

  • Wow! Love this shot! Very cool.

  • WOWO. this shot is amazing, the colors and textures. WOW

  • WOWO. this shot is amazing, the colors and textures. WOW

  • beautiful work and colors… unusual

  • Gorgeous.

  • almost looks like a negative. love how you can see your reflection. very surreal. great work.

  • Really really great shot. Also, thanks for pointing out “My Day in Photo”, what a cool project! Cheers.

  • Pretty cool.

  • Love it. One of your best in my view. Such an original image.

  • damn amazing!

  • flickr

    beautiful image!

  • flickr

    that is one funky selfie

  • flickr

    I saw this in Kerb magazine, glad I found it here too so I could fave it :-)

  • Your work is breathtaking…

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