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Simple Scape

  • “Surreal” is the word that comes to mind first. Simple but very intriguing. Makes you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life!. Thank you. GREAT!

  • So simple – excellent!

  • as simple as beutiful pic. well done

  • Great photo – it is the colour and the rule of thirds which make this photo

  • This is a classic example of how thin the line is between a shot that works and one that doesn’t. If either the aeroplane or the cloud trail had been absent it wouldn’t have worked. With them both it works. Also, I like the subtle curvature of the hill – a straight line would have been too clinincal – inorganic.

  • Simple and beatiful

  • Lines, colors and contrast make this picture amazing!

  • Absolutely love the simplicity of this shot. Totally gorgeous.

  • Great shot Andy! What a fab find!

  • reminds me of the opening scene to that Robin Williams move “TOYS”

  • This is fabulous. Fantastic in every aspect. Very balanced visualy. This would give a wonderful wallpaper. : )

    This is tomorrow’s photo of the day on The Invisible Man.

  • oh, nice…..simple, cool and clean .-)

  • great representation of ‘Endless’

  • Awesome shot!

  • I love this shot! It’s one that the eye is attracted to and it actually made me sort of smile looking at it. You’d be able to sell this one (unless Microsoft decided it looked too similar to their “Bliss” theme. Heh. Damn Microsoft. :P)

  • I imagine I am running there… such a nice pic.

  • Light, color, composition – great shot.

  • Whilst I really want to like this photo – I think the shot itself lacks any punch, perhaps if the foreground were slightly more saturated a green, I don’t know. A wonderful idea, and a well balanced composition, but I just don’t think the minimlism quite works here.

  • The horizon is so straight. The sky is a wanderful graduating blue, and the plane trail adds to it. Its so simple, which is part of the reason it is so good! NICE work.

  • Man this one is fabulous Andy. So simple and clean.

  • I like this shot a lot. I think the minimalism works. The composition is just reduced to two blocks of colour, and two lines, but it is a real scene. Very nice.

  • lovely!!!

  • What’s up with the lack of updates? I’ve become addicted to your pictures! Stunning, really; You have a lot of talent, and every picture displays such.

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