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Soap Film I

Posted: on 13 December 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro
Tags: abstract | soap film

Soap films. I used this technique to achieve this shot. A very frustrating experience as the film would tend to burst at the point I was about to take the photo almost without fail, still I got this one and I’m quite pleased. Looks a bit like a sperm microscope type shot to me!



  • Hehe, interesting shot… that’s for sure. I really like the sperms in the lower left hand part of the frame the best. They almost look like graffiti artwork.

  • Cooooooooooooooool. Got to read on this. Thanks.

  • What a shot! I’ve read the recipe and I think there is a missing ingredient: a lot of patience!! :o)

  • Brilliant colors. I like the way the colors merge into each other.

  • I can see this working well on my living room wall excellent shot

  • Sperm cells are never that well organized. Nor as colorful. Great picture.

  • Amazing colors and patterns. I really like the impression of movement towards the same direction. Beautiful!

  • The colors and composition are beautiful.

  • Great colour, looks a bit spermlike but its cool!