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Southsea Pier Abstract II

  • Very good contrasts and colors :)

  • Suggests an aerial view with a tiny island in the midst of a Pacific sea. Or maybe France. If truth be told my initial reaction was the opening credits to Dad’s Army…hmmm.

  • nice rusty shot. Great curve between the paint an rust

  • great photo mate

  • I like milou’s comment, it does look very top-down.

  • Great colors.

  • Beautiful saturation, and nicely framed!

  • Really nice! I like this one. The colorcombination is perfect.

  • Even before I read the comments above one of the first things that came to mind was a satellite or arial view of a coastline. Very visually stimulating, as are your other images…great work.

  • This is great Andy…reminds me very much of the colour and texture I love so much in Crete