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Spinnaker Tower I

Posted: on 9 November 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: blue | sky | structure

Spinacker Tower, located Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth. Milou has some good shots of this structure, this one being my favorite.



  • Great Color and detail – I really like how the structure pops out from the sky.

  • Wow. At first I was like: “hang on, does the Dubai tower really look like that? It’s a little small…” and then I thought for a second that maybe it was the “Turning Torso” in Malmo, Sweden.

    Great shot, I love the lines and the deep blue tone in the sky.

  • wonderful capture. nice the way the lines lead your eye through the structure itself. what were you using to keep the sky soooo blue?

  • Big n’ bold. The tower really does benefit from being seen in a deep blue sky. A good angle too – like some sort of mechanised stalker.

  • Seriously GREAT shot, POV, perspective and colors are great. Love it,

  • hey this is pretty! what UWA did u use?

  • I really love the lines in this…not the kind of thing i see every day. good work with the color, too.

  • Wow! I don’t know the right word to describe this, but if ‘dazzeling’ is a real word in English, than that’s what I want to say ;) Very very cool!

  • not leaving comments every time, but still enjoying your images ! keep up the good work!

  • Nice one. I was very disappointed to find there was no bar at the top. Pah… Thanks for today, hope you got home safe.

  • Lovely perspective on this.

  • Still great!

  • Beautiful colors and forms.

  • this angle works so cool for this architecture, perfect framed.

  • awesome view.

  • cy: The sky was fairly blue anyway but I did enhance it when processing.

  • Excellent framing and lovely blue skies.I like the way that the building invades in the blues …

  • What an amazing image. Love the contrast between the white building and the sky. Great perspective.

  • flickr

    wow cool shot

  • flickr

    seems it’s taken in the space looking the earth ;)

  • flickr

    That is so true Inocuo! Great composition Deceptive :-)

  • flickr

    Fascinating shot. A beautiful combination of blue and white. Excellent composition.

  • flickr

    Excellent :)

  • flickr

    no way is that portsmouth sky?! ive never seen it blue ;)

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