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Spinning Glass I

  • wow! i love this one. it is the right mix of abstract shapes and popping with color. the alignment really adds the extra energy. very nice!!

  • flickr

    Gorgeous colour!

  • That is indeed popping … Lovely colors, would look good on a wall at home somewhere !!!

  • Wow! That’s what I call colorfull images. Very eye-catching.

  • flickr

    A wonderful abstract work. Great composition and excellent colours.

  • I don’t know how you did this but it’s a very successful and appealing image.

  • How you have done it??? Stunning colors and great composition. Well done!

  • Wow, nice and bright!

  • Very beautiful composition!

  • lightseeker / Emma: I twiddled a piece of ornate glass in front of my lens on a relatively long exposure.

  • Nice lovely patterns of colors, love it.

  • Fantastic. So very captivating. Great abstract.

  • Love that.
    Very graphic and abstract just like you used to do.

  • Lovely play of light.

  • I’ve got a lot of time for soft shots like this.

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