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Splashes of Light I

Splashes of Light I

Posted by on 4 January 2009  | 45 Comments

Splashes of Light on the English Channel. Taken on the south coast of the Isle of Wight.

  • Great colors and gradients. An excellent capture and well processed.

  • Absolutely stunning. Brilliant shot.

  • gorgeous light. love the colors. almost looks like it was shot underwater. i could almost see a crab walking along the bottom

  • beautiful!

  • Stunning image! Love the lights, the colours…I’m speechless. Excellent processing! Bravo!

  • Truly amazing. When I saw the smaller version in GReader, I thought it was an underwater shot. But I read it was the other way around….

  • This is just beautiful. It has a very gentle appeal and really is just breathtaking.

  • Love it!

  • Very evocative!

  • Is tat sky and earth or sky tearing through water to embrace earth.

    Stunning I must say.

  • Very nice mate!

  • Thanks all, I hadn’t made the underwater connection until it was pointed out by some of you. I guess that’s because I knew I hadn’t taken it underwater. I can see it now of course.

  • Beautiful light. The patches are brilliant.

  • A light trip indeed.

  • Agreed with all previous comments. Very nice atmosphere. COngratulations on the sixth birthday of this blog. I’ve been enjoying it.

  • DdV: Thanks, maybe I was a little misleading in my previous post. Deceptive Media is actually 5 years old but entering it’s 6th year.

  • Yes, know I can see the underwater version…but I know that it isn’t…great tones, nice work.

  • Simply stunning, dunno what else to say. Stunning.

  • This is very cool. It could be a desert valley or water at first look. Very nice shot. Beautiful.

  • It does look like an underwater photo and honestly I can’t see it the other way round. It’s like these gestalt figures :) Deceptive, truly. Amazing work you’ve got here.

  • prety nice light you have got there, looks like god is going to come down from the sky. lol
    but its pretty noisy.I would put the iso down and use a longer expossure, you could get even better colours.

  • 500px

    I like the different textures different & color

  • 500px

    Georges photography… well captured.. greetings

  • Oh my…such a rich color combination. It does sort of look like it’s under water. Nice.

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