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The Marine I

Posted: on 15 March 2011
Categories: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS | Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Photoblog | Portfolio
Tags: abstract | blue | minimal

Abstract of The Marine at Milford on Sea where I was on Sunday with Milouvision and Digital Express.



  • Beautiful minimal composition. Love the shadows, too.

  • Beautiful framing!

  • This feels like Miami (even though I’ve never travelled there). I guess it’s to do with the light and the almost pastel colours. A really nice abstraction of an interesting building.

  • ahhhaha! that is fantastic!

  • I love how you can go shooting together and come back with such totally different images. Another great minimalist abstract here

  • more love.

  • perfect color combo, ushering in spring

  • You really have na eye for shapes and lines in an image.

  • Beautifully simple, stunning work.

  • Simplicity at it’s best!