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Tile Abstract I

Posted: on 8 April 2006
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Portfolio | Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro
Tags: abstract | cracked | crackle | lines | macro | patterns | red | texture | yellow



  • I’ve no idea of what is, but is beatiful for the colors and the composition

  • I love the combination of the colors and the intricate, contrasting patterns. Well seen!

  • Nice colors and textures, you can almost can touch the surface. By the way, is not a triangle shaped Reflective signal from some machinery?

  • delicious colours…

  • I love this….great composition and wonderful colours…..hell what is it? Not that it matters does make the mind work though.

  • Very nice Andy, I have been crazed with work and just managed now to go through your last shots, some fabulous abstract work recently!

  • A feast for the eyes full of color and texture!

  • definitely had to think twice upon first viewing this one, which is always a good thing!

  • this is puzzling, literally and physically

  • very cool indeed!

  • Part of the beauty of your site is that I can never figure out what the $!$# you’re photographing. But the images are stunning.

  • another great shot!

  • Nice composition & colors

  • i have no idea what it is either! but it sure looks damn cool

  • This one should end up in the “best of Deseptive”. AMAZING, Andy!!!! Great eye as always.

  • I like much.

    Good shoot.

  • Been quite a while since I’ve happened by here. Lots of great photos since I last visited! Too many to peruse at the moment, in fact. But I think I’d be hard pressed to find one that I like more than this one. I’m thinking it’s a close-up on some stained glass, but who cares what it is- it’s fantastic! :D

  • flickr

    Really nice set up!

  • flickr

    U gotta unique view! I wish I could have the chance to receive your comments on my works :)

  • flickr

    Very beautiful.

  • flickr

    Beautiful colours and patterns – great composition :o)

  • Beautiful graphic image!

  • great artwork, love the contrast of colours

  • 500px

    A very impressive work!

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