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Tree Reflection

Posted: on 31 May 2007
Categories: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: abstract | brown | yellow



  • Neat shot, I like it. Would you be interested in displaying some of your photos on our Wallhogs Blog? We recently began featuring artists/photographers/photo lovers and their work on our blog. Obviously, I will credit you as the owner and I will link to your site. You’ve got my email, let me know if you are interested, we’d love to have some of your work on our blog.

  • I’m doing a course at the moment and this week I have to produce 6 images with bright colours. The recent shots by you are full of inspiration. Thanks.

    /wonder if I could pinch them without him noticing :p

  • Bright beautifull colours,nice framing and the reflection of the tree makes your photo like a painting.Trully beautiful

  • Excellent find. Fantastic colors.

  • said it before : like these shots :)

  • Nice brigth colors and nice framing.

  • Absolutely stunning!

  • the past couple of shots like this have been top Andy. Nice work.

  • Abstract and wonderful.. and i love the strong colours..

  • Love the composition, it’s so quite and simple. And the mixture of colors really works well here! Great work!

  • flickr

    wow. nice colors and composition

  • Zap. The colour is a right smack in the kisser.

  • Creative abstract composition again and stunning tones.

  • See I didn’t even see the tree to begin with…must be early! I was just enjoying the colour combo….the tree just takes it to another level

  • flickr


  • Great colors!!!

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