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Tree Reflections #2

Tree Reflections #2

Posted by on 28 March 2005  | 49 Comments
  • The colours in this are wonderful and the abstract shapes caused by the reflection work really well together. I particularly like how it’s brightest in the centre and darkens slightly towards the sides.

  • Wonderful colors. Great texture. Amazing abstraction created by the riples in the water. GREAT!

  • Woah!! This is just so great!! How did you manage to see the potential in something most of us wouldn’t giva a second look? Such a beautifully striking image. One of the best abstract I’ve seen in a while.

  • Great reflection, good eye… Congrats on your nomination and best of luck for the last couple of hours…

  • superb image, lighting is excellent.

  • BEAUTIFUL colors. That gold is spectacular!

  • Dude this is so cool. This looks like a graphic, not a photo. Very nice colors and movement. Awesome shot.

  • hmm, yes, delicious alchemy.

  • wow, fantastic imagery. amazing how clear the reflection is within the distiortion. looks like liquid iron or metal flowing through water. great textures and patterns towards the bottom.

  • Those colors are just amazing.

  • Vivid, and smooth.

  • Congratulation for photobloggies !
    And great shot here, Nice realistic-abstract shot with this tree. The contrast is perfect !


  • Great wallpaper.

  • Very nice :)

  • wow – this really is fantastic – the colours and clarity of the image are superb.

  • What a stunning image. I love it. :-)

  • Wow, amazing reflection!!! The colors are truly amazing.

  • Amazing, simply amazing!

  • magnificant! love the colors so much too!

  • Not sure what it is, but it sure look fantastic.
    Love the colors

  • ~DAMN…that is some severelt good eye-candy…one of your most visually striking images Andy~

  • Stong. A bit of oil & water effect going on here…nice snap. Regards, -T