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Walkway II

Posted: on 4 May 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Lensbaby | Photoblog | Portfolio
Tags: black and white | walkway

Walkway Canary Wharf, London.



  • WOW!!!!!!! Great effect. Finally a lensbaby shot that is not gimmicky . Very dream like. I remember this structure from a very orange shot from the past , if I am correct.

  • What theee…
    awesome shot and post processing !!!

  • That is one sweet picture….fantastic man.

  • I agree with orange, good use of the lensbaby with a purpose.

  • Good shot Andy – love the way the lensbaby helps to lead the eye down into the shot.

  • Wowsa! I’ll have to buy that lensbaby!

  • One of the best uses for a lensbaby that I’ve seen yet. The photo’s simplicity draws the eye straight to the person at the far end of the hallway, making it sppreciate the blur all the way there as a feeling of movement. Really a brilliant application of a seemingly toy-like lens.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I don’t know that I can add much more than what has already been said, but WOW–amazing, shot!

  • Really nice!!! It’s very unreal, the person looks kind of… lost in space.

  • Dreaming, Is that you or are we you? Nice shot.

  • Great effect. nice shot

  • Cool shot!

  • Lensbaby has an interesting effect on the ceiling texture.

  • love it.

  • I really like this one! Great shot!

  • I agree, very well done.

  • So nice! Great capture :)

  • Great shot!! Very cool unreal dreamy look. I really like the few shots you posted over the last few weeks that are different to your usual style. I’m talking about the ones where you played with applying blur and selective focus. I mean don’t get me wrong – I love your “normal” crispy sharp pictures. It’s very inspiring ,though, to see you try different techniques and approaches. And you do achieve great results.

    By the way, are you coming to the London photobloggers meetup this Saturday? (

  • superb andy, excellent work.

  • Eevrything has been said: great photo. And the effect of the lensbaby is incredible. You should get paid, for promotional photogrqaphy!!!!

  • i like how the person at the end adds a touch of asymmetry to the ‘white mirrored and balanced by dark’ composition.

  • fabulos. great work.

  • As others have said, this has a great dream-like quality to it. The bright lighting on the left adds to that very effectively and the whole shot is brilliantly composed.

  • Fantastic!

  • Really nice shot.

  • wow…awesome! How did you accomplish this effect?

  • Many shots I’ve sign with the lensbaby just seem gimmicky. This however is marvellous. The effect works beautifully with the composition. The effect almost seems like the effect used in the Lord of Rings films when I ringbearer puts on the ring.

  • GREAT SHOT !!!

    congratulation !

  • Andy — this is great. And (if it wasn’t staged) you’re very lucky the person is wearing a white jacket to give that much needed definition against the black background. So simple, so nice.

  • I haven’t come here for a while and seeing this I’m ashamed to say that. I’ve been missing some inspiring stuff.

  • Wonderful. Sometimes this is just how I feel, walking down the halls of school. Usually after a pre-calc exam…*sigh*, but there’s a lot of feeling for me both in this shot and as a result of this shot.

  • Lensbaby works really well here

  • flickr

    this is a great use of a lensbaby. looks like a haunted hallway. or, just the opposite, a highway in heaven. wild.

  • flickr

    very cool effect, need to get me a lensebaby! do you find it much better than using photoshop effects?

  • flickr

    excellent shot.

  • flickr


  • flickr

    great image.

  • flickr

    What a brilliant shot! I love it! (?)

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  • flickr

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Lensbaby B&W, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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