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Winkworth Reflections #1

Posted: on 23 November 2006
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Reflected | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: abstract | reflections

Autumn colour reflected in the lake at Winkworth Arboretum.



  • Wow! You’ve captured some simply gorgeous colors. The abstraction is amazing! What’s causing that effect? Is it just ripples? Great shot.

  • Very nice piece of work. Love the abstract.

  • Unbelievable. Brilliant colors.

  • Gabriel Loeb : Just the ripples, no photoshop trickery except a hefty colour boost.

  • i can see a tree in the reflections :) your details are stunning.

  • See the three black lines that make a sort of Y shape? Well I’d prefer it if the point where the three lines meet wasn’t so central but that’s me being pernickety. I do like this :)

  • great abstract; and happy new page design, the new page looks nice

  • Just fab. I think the tree silhouette (assuming it is a tree) adds depth. Huzzah for nature abstracts.

  • owww nice shapes, I really like this!

  • Wonderful.

  • stunning shot; just stunning!