Bruges Windows
Curtains #2
Keyhaven Horizon #1
Bubbles Macro V

Bubbles Macro V

Washing liquid, olive oil, water, and yellow ink, in a plastic beaker, shaken but not stirred. Shot from above, lit by the modelling lamps of my Interfit flash heads.

Lasham Abstract VII
Glass Abstract XXV
Soap Film IV
Keyhaven Seascape #7

Keyhaven Seascape #7

It’s interesting to see all the shots I’ve taken at Keyhaven hopefully demonstrating how many varied photo opportunities it has. I’m always keen to pay a visit.

Warped III
Soap Film III

Soap Film III

I found a much better tutorial for photographing soap films. For this one I’m using a 90mm macro lens and extension tubes and still not getting as close to the action as A Kind of Magic. I guess He’s using a Canon MP-E 65mm or something similar.

Beach Hut #3
Agate III
Ice Abstract III